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Greek Hoplites


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These figures can be used from the wars with the Early Achaemenid Persian empire, the Peleponnesian War with Greeks on Greeks, the Wars with Macedon and the invasions of the Later Achaemenid Persian empire, So from around 500BC to 250BC. You could even add some Carthaginian heads to make them into extra Libyan and Carthaginian spearmen variants.

What you get:
48 x Superbly detailed Hoplite figures
48 x Hoplite shields
112 x Hoplite heads with varying styles of crest included stilted and transverse.
A mixture of Xyphos and Kopis sword arms and sword scabbards
A large array of spears on thrusting, levelled or upright positions.
And not forgetting some severed heads as the Greeks were a bloodthirsty bunch



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Approximate Weight: 350g

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