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Athenian Armoured Hoplites 5th to 3rd Century BCE


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This fantastic set of miniatures represents Greek Hoplites of Athens from the 5th Century covering the end of the wars with Persia, to the 4th century and the titanic struggle for Greek supremacy.
Included are 48 highly detailed Greek Hoplites as well as a myriad of additional parts which allows you hundreds of options when building your own army. This set can be mixed with all the parts from the other 3 Hoplite sets, Athenian, Theban and Mercenary which all have their own speciality heads and options to add yet more variety to your Greek armies.
The detail is crisp and sharp. There are 9 head variants, 7 of these come in two halves.There are a couple of crest options to make some officer variants. There are thrusting arms options, spear at rest options and sword arms. (Remember if you want to make more at rest arms, by rotating a thrusting arm 90 degrees it becomes a spear at rest position).
There are 8 figures per sprue, 4 have shield arms attached and 4 have no arms attached to enable you to make the musician and other speciality positions for officers and character figures. There are cloaks and various sword scabbards to add even more character and flavour to your Hoplite miniatures. Making this set one of the finest detailed and versatile plastic sets on the market
This set is also fully supported by a range of shield transfers and banner sheets from LBMS.

48 x Figures
8 x Body options
9 x Head options
48 x Shields
24 x Unsheathed Swords
48 x Spears



Manufacturer: Victrix

Part Number: VXA001

Approximate Weight: 350g

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