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Pike & Shotte Epic Battles: Montrose's Scottish Royalists Starter Army

Box Set


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The Royalist Scots army of Montrose has always been a favourite with wargamers. A small force almost entirely dependent on its infantry, this army was usually outnumbered, but rarely outfought on the battlefield. The Irish Brigade and Highland clans give the army its unique feel, and the limited access to good cavalry and artillery make it somewhat unorthodox, but all the more iconic for it.

3 regiments of 80 combined pike & musket (plastic)
1 Scots Covenanter regiment of 80 combined pike & musket (plastic)
1 Scots Covenanter frame gun (plastic)
1 mounted Scots Covenanter battalia commander (plastic)
5 dismounted Scots Dragoons (plastic)
4 regiments of 40 Highland Clansmen (Warlord Resin)
3 mounted battalia commanders (plastic)
3 ensigns (plastic)
20 harquebusier cavalry (plastic)
8 commanded shot (plastic)
4 Cuirassiers (plastic)
2 mounted cornet (plastic)
6 Dragoons (plastic)
10 dismounted Dragoons (plastic)
2 Saker medium guns (plastic)
2 Falconet light guns (plastic)
The Marquis of Montrose (Warlord Resin)
1 Mounted herald (Warlord Resin)
Alisdair Mac Colla and 2 bodyguards (Warlord Resin)
Plastic bases
Full-colour flag sheet


Box set.

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