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Gaming Figures is a leading UK stockist of Games Workshop, Warlord Games, Plastic Soldier Company and KR Cases. We stock a wide range of box sets and blisters, and offer generous discounts and worldwide delivery. Please note that GW products can only be shipped to the UK and most of Europe, however all other products are available Worldwide. Any orders containing spray cans of any sort can only be shipped via courier and will only show the delivery option for courier only.

Free UK shipping is available on most orders over £60, and an extra 2% discount will be applied during the checkout to orders over £200.

Blades of Khorne - 20% Discount on pre orders

Posted: 16 March 2019


Featured Products

Shadowspear - Advance order now at 20% discount

Posted: 04 March 2019

Released Saturday 16th March. 

These are expected to sell out very quickly, as I believe they are a limited run box set.

Gangs of Rome: Bread and Circuses Scenario set - 20% discount on pre orders

Posted: 02 March 2019


Ambot Automata & Ork Buggies - 20 Discount on pre orders

Posted: 02 March 2019


Mortal Gods (War Banner) - 20% Discount on advance order.

Posted: 28 February 2019


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