Chaos Tzeentch

Curseling Eye of Tzeentch
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£19.13 Curseling Eye of Tzeentch

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Disciples of Tzeentch: The Coven of Thryx
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Flamers Of Tzeentch
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£19.13 Flamers Of Tzeentch

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Lord Of Change / Kairos Fateweaver
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Magister on Disc of Tzeentch
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£19.98 Magister on Disc of Tzeentch

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Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch
£23.38 Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch

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Tzeentch Arcanites Tzaangor Enligtened
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Tzeentch Tzaangors
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£27.63 Tzeentch Tzaangors

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Vanguard: Disciples of Tzeentch
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£72.25 Vanguard: Disciples of Tzeentch

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