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Welcome to the KR Multicase storage system, now available at Gaming The system is flexible, carries your miniatures in safety, and in our opinion, is great value for money. With such great flexibility, the options available to you can be intimidating, this sheet is designed to help you understand how you can design your carry-case to suit your army transport needs.

This sheet gives you the basic information on the KR Multicase system, should you require more information about the product, or need more help with designing your storage system, please contact us.

The system is designed around the Standard Cardboard Multicase, pictured below

The first step in designing your storage system is to purchase the case. These are made from very rigid, hard-wearing cardboard, it will not easily tear or crease, and will protect your models for many years. The case is portable with a plastic handle, which also acts to keep the case firmly closed while you transport your army.

The next stage is to select the trays to carry your miniatures in. The trays are foam based and are designed to be strong, offering the best protection for your miniatures from accidental knocks and drops, yet soft enough to preserve their custom paint-jobs.

Selecting the right trays for your army is a three stage process:

  1. depth
  2. type (infantry or pick and pluck, and compartment size)
  3. full or half tray size

1. Depth of trays

Trays are provided in a choice of 5 depths:
25mm, 33mm, 50mm, 67mm, 100mm
The cardboard cases are 100mm deep, and any combination of trays to that depth will fit the case. For example, 4 x 25mm trays, 3 x 33mm trays or 2 x 50mm trays will fit the case. You can also mix and match different depth trays to carry different size miniatures for example: 2 x 25mm and 1 x 50mm, or 1 x 33mm and 1 x 67mm.

2. Types of Tray:

There are 4 types of tray; 2 are for infantry and 2 are pick’n’pluck (customisable). The 2 infantry ones are pre-cut and offer two different sizes at all the previously mentioned 5 depths. The 2 pick’n’pluck trays are also available in all 5 depths and allow you to store any sized model you have in your collection. These tray types are named as follows; A&B the infantry trays and C&D the pick’n’pluck trays. Please note that the walls on the pick’n’pluck are removable also.

Infantry Type A
53 x 30mm
(36 slots)
Infantry Type B
50 x 25mm
(40 slots)
Pick and Pluck Type C
6 x 30mm rows
with 10mm walls
Pick and Pluck Type D
5 x 40mm rows
with 10mm walls

3. Full or Half Size Trays:

A full tray takes up the full width of the carry case, these are the one shown above in the 'type of tray' section. A half tray takes up half the width of the carry case, and obviously this reduces the number of miniature which can be carried per tray. However, this allows you to customise your storage system even further. For example, one half of the case can carry your infantry models on 4 x 25mm deep trays, the other half can carry your dragons or tanks in 2 x 50mm deep trays.

Carry Bags:

Once you have your models all nicely stored in their trays and Standard Multicases, you are then going to need something to transport them occasionally. For this our system has 3 Carry Bags, CC1, CC2, CC4. We have named them this way to show how many Standard Multicases will fit into it. These cases are also splash proof and have carrying handles and shoulders straps.Note: bags do not include cases, pictures are for demonstration purposes only.




Aluminium Cases:

Recently we have added some more options to our storage system. These are Aluminium Hard Cases for those precious models which are obviously more robust and lockable also. They do not require the Standard Cardboard Multicase because they house the foam trays directly. The Aluminium Cases come in three depths, 50mm (AL50); 100mm (AL100) & 200mm (AL200), and also two colours; black and silver. The 50mm case is great for taking a project to the local club/store, the 200mm could house your ‘Warhound Titan’, etc.




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