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Harlequin Troupe



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This box contains everything you need to make a 6-man Harlequin Troupe armed with sword and shuriken pistol, including the option to include a Troupe Master. There are 6 sets of legs, all perched on outcrops of rock, with which to form the base of your miniatures. You have the choice of 7 different torso fronts and 5 torso backs, along with 3 extra backs sporting Harlequin jackets. You also get 6 swords of two distinct designs, 6 shuriken pistols, 6 harlequin&apostrophe;s kisses, 2 harlequin&apostrophe;s embraces, 2 harlequins caresses, 2 neuro disruptors and 2 fusion pistols. There is a power sword as well should you wish to upgrade your Troupe Master.
This multi-part plastic kit contains 80 components with which to make a 6-man Harlequin Troupe. Also included are 6 x 25mm round bases and a Harlequins transfer sheet.


Box set.

Manufacturer: GW

Part Number: 99120111001

Approximate Weight: 120g

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