Ancient British Warriors

Box Set


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This boxed set contains enough plastic and metal parts to make 40 Ancient British Warriors. With several variants of limed hair and distinctive helmets (such as the &apostrophe;Waterloo&apostrophe; helmet) plus new metal shields such as the Battersea-style shield they cut an impressive and rather worrying-looking bunch!
The boxes set also contains a metal upper torso to allow to you to include a British Chieftain as well as new carynx and standards.
So, whether you are starting a new British army or merely looking to add more character to an existing Celt army these chaps shouldn&apostrophe;t be overlooked!
Also contains superb, full-colour, self-adhesive (not waterslide!) shield transfers to bring your models to life!


Box set.

Manufacturer: Warlord Games

Part Number: WGH-CE-03

Approximate Weight: 300g

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