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Hammerhead Gunship

Heavy Support


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The Hammerhead Gunship kit, which can also be used to make a Sky Ray, is an impressive centrepiece to a collection of Tau Empire miniatures. Notable about both kits are the laterally extended nose, the tips of which feature Gun Drones. Its sleek panels curve up towards a wider body that can support a turret-mounted gun, which can swivel in different directions; or, it can be kitted out with a huge wing-like array of seeker missiles. It features two engines, which can also be tilted at various angles. The kit comes with a selection of weapons including a smart missile system, ion cannon, railgun, networked markerlights, and two gun drones.
This multi-part plastic kit contains 88 components and a Tau transfer sheet with which to make a Hammerhead Gunship or a Sky Ray Gunship.


Box set.

Manufacturer: GW

Part Number: 99120113028

Approximate Weight: 500g

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