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Foundation Dirt Flock Blend


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For years, the standard model base has been painted gravel, topped with clumps of flock or static grass. That looks fine, but it&apostrophe;s not the only solution. Foundation Dirt Flock is designed to give you another option.
Foundation Dirt is fine blend of brown and grey flock that can be used as the first layer of scenic material on a model&apostrophe;s base. It can that be topped with static grass, foliage, or other scenic materials, just as you would normally. The best part is, it doesn&apostrophe;t need to be painted, making basing (or re-basing) your army quick and easy.
Gale Force 9s Dirt flock makes a great base layer for fields, swamps or any other natural setting.


Plastic pot

Manufacturer: GF9

Part Number: GFS008

Approximate Weight: 45g

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