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Talisman - The Magical Quest Game (5th Edition)

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Welcome, champions, to the magical land of Talisman! The otherworldly artefacts known as Talismans have once more descended onto the mortal plane, signalling the dawn of a new era - and the need for a new ruler! In the Talisman: The Magical Quest Game, 5th Edition, set forth on an epic adventure, racing to be the first to obtain a Talisman, reach the Crown of Command in the centre of the board and defeat the elder dragon to win. With a diverse range of characters to choose from and a vast world of possible scenarios, this strategy game for teens and adults offers limitless adventures! Includes a large gameboard, 12 Character figures, 12 Character cards, 100 Adventure cards, 24 Spell cards, 18 Purchase cards, 4 Talisman cards, 1 Toad card, 6 Toad tokens, 114 counters, 38 Fate tokens, 12 Alignment tokens, 30 coins, 3 six-sided dice and an easy-to-follow rulebook.


Box set

Manufacturer: Avalon Hill

Part Number: HASF6652

Approximate Weight: 1750g

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