Estimated release early July 2024.

Bad Batch Operative Expansion

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The infamous Bad Batch comes to Star Wars Legion in this new Bad Batch Operative Expansion pack! Also known as Clone Force 99, the members of the Batch all possess genetic mutations or other enhancements that make them stand out from the Republic's other clone troopers and forges them into a unique fighting unit. This pack brings six new miniatures to Star Wars: Legion, including Clone Sergeant Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Echo, Crosshair, and Omega. These miniatures are accompanied by two Unit Cards that allow players to field the Bad Batch in their Galactic Republic armies or as a Mercenary Unit usable by the Rebel Alliance. Rounding out the pack are 3 new Command Cards that make use of the Bad Batch unique characteristics and 4 Upgrade Cards that invite players to customize the Batch to fit their strategies.


6 Plastic Miniatures
3 Unit Cards
1 Command Card
5 Upgrade Cards
1 Token Sheet
1 Insert Sheet


Box set

Manufacturer: Atomic Mass Games

Part Number: FFGSWL119

Approximate Weight: 400g

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