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Barco Luengo ship

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A traditional shallow draft vessel for coastal defense among European countries, the Barco Luengo (Spanish for "Long Boat") is a flexible craft that is popular among many colonial militias, pirates, and privateers alike. Usually armed with only swivels, larger versions mounted bows chasers and often a few deck guns in the quarterdeck. This flexible armament combined with its excellent performance under oar or sail makes this a serious coastal threat.

(This unpainted ship does not include flags or sails. Some assembly required.)

Barco Luengo 1 11″x4″" Plastic Resin Hull (28mm scale)
5 Wooden dowel for Masts & Spars
4 Yards of Elastic for Rigging
14 Laser cut wooden Rigging Parts
6 Cannons, 6 Swivel guns, and other accessories in resin.
1 Game Card


Box set

Manufacturer: Firelock Games

Part Number: FGD0135

Approximate Weight: 1950g

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