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French Army (Retreat From Moscow)

Box Set


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This is a 300 point army designed to be used in Muskets & Tomahawks II.
The French Army contains:
1x Officer (with Experienced Duelist option)
1x Fusilier units (8 figures) (with Grizzled option)
1x Grenadier unit (8 figures)
1x Voltigeur Unit (6 figures) (with Grizzled option) (Note: Grizzled option doesn&apostrophe;t refer to the figures, it&apostrophe;s a Shakos & Bayonet gaming term, meaning these units have seen some action before)
All the figures come from the North Star Muskets & Tomahawks range.
Figures are 28mm sized, made of metal and supplied unpainted.


Box set.

Manufacturer: North Star

Part Number: MTB08

Approximate Weight: 500g

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