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Townsfolk Miniature Pack

Box Set


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The cheerful citizens of your beloved town - guards, craftsmen, scholars and children. Every one of them can take part in your next adventure. Follow their quests or bring them into the fray together with your party.
The box contains 62 townsfolk miniatures with scenic bases, including:
1x Grave Digger 1x Merchant 1x Innkeeper 1x Tavern Maid 1x Blacksmith 1x Noble Man 1x Noble Lady 1x Scholar 1x Male Dwarf 1x Washerwoman 1x Child with a Cape 1x Elf Wizard 1x Knight Lady 1x Beggar 1x Peddler 1x Rat Folk 1x Construct 1x Tommy the Ghost 1x Snake Charmer 1x Dwarf Woman 1x Armand 2x Mounted Guard A 2x Female Mounted Guard B 2x Mounted Guard C 2x Swordsman A 2x Swordsman B 2x Swordsman C 2x Swordsman D 2x Female Swordsman E 2x Swordsman F 2x Pole Guard A 2x Pole Guard B 2x Pole Guard C 2x Pole Guard D 2x Pole Guard E 2x Female Pole Guard F 2x Ranged Guard A 2x Ranged Guard B 2x Female Ranged Guard C 2x Ranged Guard D 2x Ranged Guard E All models come unpainted and unassembled!


Box set.

Manufacturer: North Star

Part Number: DNL0036 -

Approximate Weight: 750g

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