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World War III: Soviet (WWIII 100p A4 HB)


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Inside you will find: Background on the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, 2nd Guards Tank Army, 94th Guards Motor Rifle Division, 7th Guards Tank Division, 18th Guards Motor Rifle Division, and Yuri Volkov&apostrophe;s Tank Battalion. Instructions on how to build a T-80 Tank Battalion, T-64 Tank Battalion, T-72 Tank Battalion, T-62M Tank Battalion, T-55AM Tank Battalion, BMP Motor Rifle Battalion, BTR-60 Motor Rifle Battalion, Afgantsy Air Assault Battalion, or a T-80 Shock Tank Company. Three Scenarios to test your skills with your Soviet fo



Manufacturer: Battlefront Miniatures

Part Number: WW3-04

Approximate Weight: 750g

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