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Victrix: Norman Cavalry


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The Norman Cavalry set includes 12 highly detailed 28mm plastic figures. With this set you can create Norman Knights, Breton Knights, Early Crusader Knights and Islamic/Andalusian Knights.
There are a variety of body/armour, weapon and shield options. This gives you the freedom to decide your own figure poses and army composition. The set is also supported by Little Big Men Studios who provide 11 different transfer sheet options.

Whats in the box?
12 Mounted Figures
23 Head/Helmet Options
4 Shield options (Round, Kite, Long Heater, Agada)
6 Weapon options (Lance, Spear, Sword or Javelins, Axe, Mace)
2 Armour options (Chainmail, Scale)



Manufacturer: GW

Part Number: VXDA005

Approximate Weight: 400g

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