Spearhead Series MK3 brush - Size 0


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One individual size 0 paint brush from our Spearhead Series MK3 range of paint brushes.
Combining the best of both our Miniature Series and Flat Head Series, these brushes offer a flat head which tapers to a fine point for when a more accurate application is required from a flat brush. This shape is perfect for blending larger areas and applying glazes to a model.
BrokenToad MK3 paint brushes are individually handmade from 100% pure Siberian male Kolinsky sable (Mustela Sibirica) hair, giving superior snap and paint retention, fitted onto a sleek wooden handle shaped to give the brush excellent control and balance. The brush head features an ample belly, capable of holding a generous amount of paint, which tapers to a very fine point allowing the paint to flow precisely and accurately onto the model. With its natural conical shape and excellent snap we feel that handmade Kolinsky sable hair brushes are the best choice for professional and hobbyist miniature model painters.



Manufacturer: Broken Toad

Part Number: BT-MSB012

Approximate Weight: 50g

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