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Forest Goblin Infantry

Box Set


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This multi-part hard plastic kit contains all you need to assemble 25 Forest Goblins. The sprues include all pieces required to assemble (twice) a Command group made of a Banner Bearer, a Group Musician and a Group Leader. The detailed components include various arm/weapon types to completely arm all 25 of your miniatures with bows (25), hand weapons (43) or spears (27). Along with 5 different bodies, multiple head variations, 22 shields (9 different sculpts!) and extra bits included to spice your army, this is the perfect kit to allow you the creation of unique regiments for your lethal Shieldwolf Forest Goblins army.
Models are supplied with twentyfive plastic 25mm round bases.


Box set.

Manufacturer: North Star

Part Number: G-05

Approximate Weight: 180g

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