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Ancient Gallic Cavalry


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Gallic cavalry were a significant mercenary element in Carthaginian armies throughout the Punic Wars. As well as fighting in all Gallic armies against the Romans the cavalry can also be used as Roman Allies when fighting against the Germanic tribes.
This set of Gallic cavalry are wearing armour to depict them as noble cavalry, an elite force within a Gallic army. Weapons include swords, spears and javelins plus a good variety of round shields. Parts are also included to create musicians and standard bearers plus we have provided optional cloaks.This set is fully supported by LBMS.

12 x Figures
3 x Body options
10 x Head options
27 x Spears and Javelins
8 x Cloaks (2 x options)
12 x Shields (3 x options)
8 x Unsheathed Swords
4 x Trumpets



Manufacturer: Victrix

Part Number: VXA033

Approximate Weight: 300g

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