Warriors of Carthage


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This superb box contains 62 highly detailed Warriors of Carthage, suitable for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Punic Wars against Rome and also to fight against the Spanish, Gauls, Greeks and Numidians.
24 of Hannibal&apostrophe;s hardened veterans wearing a mixture of Punic and captured Roman armour, stripped from the dead.
24 Liby-Phoenecian Heavy Infantry. They were good solid African infantry fighting in a tight phalanx much like the Greek Hoplite.
14 Libyan Javelinmen add some light infantry support for the heavy infantry. These were subject Libyan tribesmen supplying large quantities of javelin armed skirmishers who rebelled against Carthage on more than one occasion. They wore red tunics and were haevily tattooed.



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