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B1 Battle Droid upgrade expansion

Separatist Alliance


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The B1 Battle Droids Upgrade Expansion contains four unpainted, finely sculpted B1 Battle Droids different from those found in the Clone Wars Core Set or the B1 Battle Droids Unit Expansion. These miniatures arrive on frames, giving you freedom to customize their appearance. On the battlefield, these miniatures can become the basis for a new unit of B1 Battle Droids, or you can use the new heavy weapon and personnel upgrade cards options they bring to enhance your existing units.
Upgrade your B1 Battle Droids personnel An OOM-Series Battle Droid miniature and a B1 Security Droid add even more tactical options to your units.,br> Bring more firepower to the battlefield with an E-5s B1 Trooper or a Radiation Cannon B1 Trooper


Box set.

Manufacturer: Cool Mini or Not

Part Number: SWL54

Approximate Weight: 200g

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