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Skaven Corrupting War-swarm

Box Set


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Contains 45 Citadel miniatures

1x Grey Seer
20x Clanrats
1x Plagueclaw
20x Plague Monks
1x Screaming Bell. Building this kit as a Screaming Bell also allows you to make...
1x Plague Priest
1x Verminlord Corruptor, can also be built as a Verminlord Warbringer, Verminlord Deceiver, Verminlord Warpseer or Lord Skreech Verminking
,br> This set also includes 40x 25mm Round Bases, 2x 32mm Round Bases, and 3x 120mm Oval Bases.


Box set.

Manufacturer: GW

Part Number: 99120206030

Approximate Weight: 1300g

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