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AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank Unit Expansion

Separatist Alliance


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With the AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank Unit Expansion, you can add one of these heavy tanks to your Separatist army. The unpainted, finely-detailed miniature you find here can be constructed with its hatch closed or with a B1 Battle Droid scanning the horizon for new targets. In addition to this miniature, you&apostrophe;ll find everything you need to fully customize it to your personal strategy, including eight upgrade cards and a unit card.
Blast your enemies with the superior firepower of an AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank! In addition to its anti-personnel lasers and MX-8 Artillery Laser Cannon, the AAT tank can be equipped with a range of shells that unlock even more tactical options!


Box set.

Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games

Part Number: FFGSWL64

Approximate Weight: 1400g

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