TX-130 Saber-Class Fighter Tank Unit Expansion



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Within the TX-130 Saber-class Fighter Tank Unit Expansion, you will find everything you need to incorporate one of these powerful repulsor tanks into your Galactic Republic armies, beginning with an unpainted and beautifully detailed TX-130 Saber-class Tank miniature that can be assembled with its missile pod doors open or closed. In addition to choosing how the tanks missile pods are assembled, you can also customize the look of the turret, choosing between a twin laser turret or a beam cannon turret. On top of how it looks, you can also customize how your Saber-class tank functions in battle with ten upgrade cards that invite you to swap out its pilots, weapons, ordnance, and comms systems.


Box set.

Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games

Part Number: FFGSWL63

Approximate Weight: 1200g

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