Rorke's Drift Battle set

Box Set


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Boxed set containing plastic, metal, resin and MDF components.
The return of Warlord Games mighty Rorke Drift set with new miniatures for the British heroes plus mounted InDuna and witch doctor.
This massive set contains the complete compound, plus scenic pieces and enough miniatures to fight the battle.

Featured in this box are:

British Victoria Cross winners: Chard, Bromhead, Bourne and Hook
Mounted InDuna and witch doctor
20 plastic British Infantry
40 plastic Married Zulus
MDF Hospital Building
MDF Storehouse
Resin Wagon Barricade
4 x resin stone walls
2 x resin biscuit box barricades
3 x resin biscuit box/mealie-bag barricades
3 x resin mealie-bag barricades
Metal British and Zulu casualties


box set.

Manufacturer: Warlord Games

Part Number: 302614601

Approximate Weight: 4000g

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