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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Miniatures Game

Box Set


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The Dark Knight Rises Game Box includes;

12 Highly detailed resin miniatures
1x Batman - Dark Knight Rises
1x Catwoman - Dark Knight Rises
1x Batpod with 2 rider options
1x Batman Batpod rider
1x Catwoman Batpod rider
1x Tumbler Batmobile
3x GCPD officers
1x Policeman with Spray
1x Policeman with Pistol
1x Policeman with Club
1x Bane - Dark Knight Rises 1x Talia Al Ghul / Miranda Tate - Dark Knight Rises
1x Barsad
1x Mercenary with a Pistol
1x Mercenary with Axe
12x Plastic bases
14x Character Cards
38 Equipment cards
1x Fast Play rulebook
2x Quick Reference Sheets
2x Full-colour die-cut card buildings
6x Dice
2x Full-colour die-cut templates
80x counters

Please note:
Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
Printed materials are supplied in English.


Box set

Manufacturer: Knight Models

Part Number: BMG009

Approximate Weight: 1950g

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