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Star Wars Legion: Upgrade Card Pack


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Selecting the troops that you wi;ll lead into battle is only the first step in creating your own Star Wars: Legion army. Once you&apostrophe;ve supplemented your armies with fresh recruits, you can further enhance them with the addition of upgrade cards. Each upgrade unlocks new tactical possibilities for your army, giving you the freedom to customize your units to meet your individual preferences.
While every Unit Expansion contains a variety of upgrade cards that help enhance that particular units natural abilities, the Upgrade Card Pack conveniently puts a vast library of upgrade cards at your fingertips no matter which faction you play. Within this pack, you& wi;ll find copies of the following upgrade cards:
5 Command Upgrade Cards:
1 Aggressive Tactics
1 Commanding Presence
1 Esteemed Leader
1 Improvised Orders
1 Strict Orders

13 Comms Upgrade Cards:
2 Comms
3 Comms Relay
3 HQ
3 Linked Targeting Array
2 Long-Range
5 Force Upgrade Cards
1 Battle Meditation
1 Force Guidance
1 Force Push
1 Force Reflexes
1 Saber Throw

16 Gear Upgrade Cards:
2 Electorbinoculars
3 Emergency Stims
3 Environmental Gear
3 Grappling Hooks
3 Recon Intel
2 Targeting Scopes
6 Grenade Upgrade Cards
2 Concussion Grenades
2 Fragmentation Grenades
2 Impact Grenades

15 Training Upgrade Cards:
3 Duck and Cover
3 Endurance
3 Hunter
3 Overwatch
3 Tenacity
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