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Gangs of Rome: Bread and Circuses Scenario starter box set

Box Set


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This scenario box set for Gangs of Rome: Bread and Circuses contains everything you need to play this innovative tabletop skirmish game.
This starter scenario box set contains the following:
Gangs of Rome A4 Full Rulebook
Bread and Circuses scenario
6 x Single piece fighters
15 x Mob miniatures
1 Eurysaces the Baker, Incola card and base
6 x Named fighter cards
16 x Equipment/Skill Coins and cards featuring four unique coins for this scenario
6 x Activation pebbles (3 x 2 different colours),br> 7 Roman numeral dice
2 x MDF Movement rulers
6 x Jigsaw Base
3 x Mob Base
6 x Sets of flesh tokens
2 x sets of ID markers ( 1 - 3, two colours)
MDF Bakery scenery by Sarissa Precision
9 x Objective tokens
Packed with all these Gangs of Rome essentials and exclusive content, Bread and Circuses is the perfect way to start or augment your collection. So take your fate in your hands, Dominus, and seize the city.


Box set.

Manufacturer: Footsore Miniatures

Part Number: WBSS002

Approximate Weight: 1800g

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