Athenian Lochos Box set

Box Set


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1 x Andronikos, the Defender of Athens - Metal Athenian Lochagos
1 x Metal Athenian Hoplite
1 x Metal Light Hoplite
16 x plastic Victrix Ancient Greek miniatures, made up of the following:
1 x Athenian hoplite frame (8 miniatures)
1 x Unarmored hoplite frame (8 miniatures)
The above provides the core of any Athenian Lochos.
Rules for using an Athenian force as your Lochos
Athenian Quick Reference Sheet
24 x Athenian Roster Cards
5 x Athenian Gift Cards
3 x Athenian Omen Cards
7 x Damage Dice (red & white)
19 x metal Athenian shields displaying the &apostrophe;Owl symbol&apostrophe;.


Box set.

Manufacturer: Footsore Miniatures

Part Number: MGCBA1

Approximate Weight: 800g

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