Basilean Warband Faction Starter

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This set contains everything you need to start a Basilean Faction for Kings of War Vanguard, including:
2 Multi-part PVC Plastic Paladin Defenders/Chaplains
2 Multi-part PVC Plastic Men-at-Arms Sergeants/Veteran Sergeants
2 Multi-part PVC Plastic Sisterhood
2 Multi-part PVC Plastic Sisterhood Scouts
2 Multi-part PVC Plastic Gur Panthers
5 Multi-part Hard Plastic Men-at-Arms/Crossbowmen
26 Warband Cards, including Special Rules Card, Spells Card, and the following stat cards (3 x Man-at-arms, 3 x Crossbowman, 3 x Sisterhood, 2 x Sergeant, 3 x Sisterhood Scout, 2 x Paladin Defender, 1 x War-Wizard, 2 x Gur Panther, 1 x Veteran Sergeant, 3 x Veteran Sister, 1 x Paladin Chaplain)
15 Bases
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Box set. 20% discount.

Manufacturer: Mantic Games

Part Number: MGVAB101

Approximate Weight: 200g

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