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Jyn Erso Commander



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The shadow of the Death Star looms across the galaxy, threatening any planet that doesn&apostrophe;t fall in line with the Empire. Only those brave-and perhaps foolish-enough to stand against the Empire can hope to save the galaxy from this technological terror. Raised by the extremist Saw Gerrera and on her own from a young age, Jyn Erso embodies both of these qualities. Reckless and aggressive, Erso is nonetheless a brave leader who can contribute to your Star Wars: Legion battle plans in many ways.

Within the Jyn Erso Commander Expansion, you&apostrophe;ll find one finely sculpted, easily assembled Jyn Erso miniature to lead your Rebel army into battle, complete with three new command cards. Along with Jyn Erso, you&apostrophe;ll find the associated unit card and four upgrade cards for you to enhance Jyn Erso and your other units.


Box set.

Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games

Part Number: FFGSWL31

Approximate Weight: 100g

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