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Age of Vikings is a SAGA supplement covering Europe from the emergence of the Norse kingdoms to the Battle of Hastings which marked the end of the era.
This Universe offers you 12 factions covering all four corners of Europe during this period, each with its own Battle Board, history, legendary units and special rules
This book also contains rules for mercenary units which can be recruited by your warbands and an appendix on Relics & Artifacts from this heroic age.
Relive the exploits of heroes like Harald Hardrada, William the Conqueror or Charlemagne! The greatest sagas were written by the Viking poets can you surpass them?
This book comes with 12 Battle Boards which may not be sold separately.
You will need a copy of the SAGA Rulebook (V. 2) to use this universe/supplement,
Factions covered are:
The Anglo Saxons
The Welsh (inc. Strathclyde)
The Normans (inc. the Bretons)
The Vikings
The Anglo Danes
The Last Romans (Byzantines)
The Norse Gaels
The Irish
The Pagan Rus
The Scots
The Carolingians
The Jomsvikings



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