SAGA Rulebook (V.2)


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Your SAGA begins here..........
SAGA is a skirmish game taking place in the heroic ages, whether they are historical, mythological or sprung from the minds of writers. It brings to life the battles between exceptional warriors - Warlords, who defy their enemies on the battlefields at the head of their warband.
This game puts you at the head of one such warband, made of thirty or so figures, and lead by your heroic alter-ego. Each warband is chosen from among the available SAGA factions and has a specific Battle Board and SAGA dice which grant them particular abilities in battle and reinforce their identity.
This book contains SAGA&apostrophe;s simple and innovative basic rules. They are easy to learn and illustrated with numerous examples. they apply to all the universes you might explore. These rules are the fruit of years of development and the contributions of a large community that plays SAGA around the globe.
Once you have read this book, all that is left for you to do is choose a SAGA Universe from the array available, assemble your figures and write your legend!


Box set.

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