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French Nationality Starter Set

Box Set


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This starter set includes 25 French models and allows you to build a 100 point force of either:

French Buccaneers: Made up mainly of Flibustiers and Boucaniers sailing out of Tortuga and Petit Goave to raid the towns and commerce of the Spanish Empire.

French Caribbean Militia: These well armed civilians and Boucaniers learned much from the success of the French Buccaneers. They were the primary defence forces of the French Caribbean.

Twenty five 28 mm unpainted lead free pewter miniatures.
8 Flibustiers
8 Milice des Caraibes
4 Boucaniers
4 Marins
1 French Commander
1 Game Card


Box set.

Manufacturer: Firelock Games

Approximate Weight: 420g

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