Wolsung Rulebook - Second Edition


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This book is a second edition of Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game Rulebook. Inside you will find all the rules to start playing Wolsung SSG, including 3 Clubs of extraordinary Heroes and their chosen henchmen. Changes from the first edition include: 3 new Heroes, one for each Club; FAQ and Errata already included in the rules; cleaner rules presentation; Falling, Climbing and Jumping rules; Advanced Scenarios; refreshed Character Creation Rules; and more.
Wolsung is the 28mm Steampunk Skirmish game from Micro Art Studio. Supported with a stunning range of metal miniatures, evocative artwork, and a gorgeous laser-cut terrain system, Gameplay sees small groups of extraordinary ladies and gentlemen clash with shadowy organisations and agents of dark powers solve their disputed upon the cobbled streets of Wolsung by means of blade and black powder!
Each game represents a clash between two or more gangs, both working towards the same goal - but with very different motives. Gangs must use careful skills of deduction and data gathering - using social meetings and rendezvous with informants to achieve their objectives. Success is often determined by a keen eye, fast reflexes, and a lot of luck!


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