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Bolt Action 2 Starter Set Band of Brothers

Box Set


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Introducing the shiny new Starter Set for the Bolt Action game, this time featuring German Grenadiers against a brand new plastic infantry set, the elite US Airborne:

Band Of Brothers

24 New Plastic US Airborne
12 Plastic German Grenadiers
Plastic SdKfz 251/10 AusfD. 3.7cm PaK half track
Plastic Ruined Farm
A5 Softback Bolt Action 2 Rules Book
Quick Start Guide
Quick Reference Sheet
12 Plastic Pin Markers
Plastic Templates and Tokens
Construction Diagrams
10 Six Sided Dice
10 Order Dice


Box set.

Manufacturer: Warlord Games

Part Number: 401510001

Approximate Weight: 1400g

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