Stormcast Eternal Hammerstrike Brethren

Box Set


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Skirmish Team with 43% discount off the RRP.

The box contains:
- 2 Easy To Build Stormcast Eternals Retributors – 1 Retributor-Prime with Lightning Hammer and 1 Retributor with Lightning Hammer;
- 3 Easy To Build Liberators – 1 Liberator-Prime with Warhammer and Sigmarite Shield, and 2 Liberators with Warhammer and Sigmarite Shield;
- 1 Knight-Questor armed with Warblade and Sigmarite Shield;
- 3 Prosecutors, with a wide selection of weapon options – a choice of Stormcall Javelins and Sigmarite Shields, 2 Celestial Hammers or a Celestial Hammer and Sigmarite Shield. Included are 4 special weapons: a Stormsurge Trident, Grandblade, Grandaxe and Grandhammer;
- 8 Citadel 40mm Round bases and 1 Citadel 32mm Round base to place them on.


Box set.

Manufacturer: GW

Approximate Weight: 450g

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