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Age of Sigmar Season of War Firestorm

Box Set


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You get a lot inside Firestorm:
a 64 page softback book;
a huge campaign map, divided into 23 controllable regions;
256 re usable map markers: 2 Realmgate markers, 12 Grand Alliance markers, 128 Altar markers, 56 Control markers (split into 4 sets), 56 Garrison markers (split into 4 sets) and 4 army markers;
131 campaign cards: 20 core Domain cards, 36 optional Domain cards, 24 upgrade Domain cards, 4 Sceptre of Flame cards, 3 Strategic Domain cards, 12 Secret Object cards, 12 Build Point cards and 20 glory point cards;
4 card envelopes, each of which is coloured as either Order, Death Chaos or Destruction.


Box set.

Manufacturer: GW

Approximate Weight: 1700g

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