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Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars, Malign Sorcery and lots more
Posted: 16 June 2018

Lots and lots of goodies for AoS fans releasing on the 30th June.  Including the new Soul Wars box set  and Malign Sorcery box set.  Both have all new plastic push-fit models.

The first 20 orders for the "Soul Wars" game will received a FREE Victory/Command point counter.

Pop in store to check out the cool new models and try the game for yourselves.

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Fate of a Nation - Advance order
Posted: 12 June 2018

This book allows you to recreate some of the battles from the Arab-Israeli conflict using the Team Yankee table top rules.

Nations included in the book are Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

As well as the rulebook there are four starter army box sets and four unit card sets (one for each nation).

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Team Yankee Free Nations & NATO box sets
Posted: 11 June 2018

Team Yankee Free Nations book now in stock along with the following NATO sets: Front Line plastic army deal, M109 Field Battery and NATO Template.

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Imperial Knight Reinforcements - Armiger Warglaives
Posted: 09 June 2018

These were previously only available in the "Forgebane" box set.

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Imperial Knights - When Size Does Matter
Posted: 02 June 2018
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