Wulfsburg - Zombicide Black Plague Expansion Now in stock
Posted: 23 March 2016
Zombicide: Wulfsburg is a blood-curdling expansion for Zombicide: Black Plague! Wulfsburg not only introduces four new survivors to your Zombicide: Black Plague games, but each of them comes with their own plastic dashboard, coloured bases and trackers. That means this expansion allows you expand your group to up to 10 survivors at the same time! You’ll need all the help you can get when fighting the Wulfsburg zombies: packs of ravenous zombie wolves (or Wolfz)! Even faster than Runners, these Wolfz can easily tear apart any careless survivor. Just pray the pack leader doesn’t show up. Just as relentless as the normal Wolfz, the hulking Wolf-Bomination is as resilient as any Abomination, also ignoring any armour on its attacks.
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