1984 Sarah and Guardian (metal)


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Guardian – or ‘Pops’ as Sarah affectionately calls him, is unerring in his roll as bodyguard for Sarah. As a machine this T-800 is far from obsolete, protecting sarah, whilst match-making her with Kyle Reese in his own stylish way.
Sarah Connor – Trained from childhood in all manner of lethal skills, Sarah is no longer the weak scared girl from history but now an expert in survival, close combat, weapons and explosives. She is aware of her destiny as the mother of the future saviour of mankind… and that is an almost unbearable responsibility. Luckily for her the unstoppable Guardian is at her side to guide her and protect her from the Skynet’s Terminators.
Blister contains 2 metal figures.


Blister. 30% discount.

Manufacturer: Warlord Games

Part Number: RH-TG-112

Approximate Weight: 100g

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