Guardian on Bike (metal)


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This T-800 cyborg infiltrator has been sent back in time to protect Sarah Connor since she was a child, and to train her so that she would be ready for the struggles ahead. Guardian, or ‘Pops’ as Sarah affectionately calls him, has spent a long time amongst humans, learning to blend in and becoming a perfect bodyguard for Sarah.
His organic tissues might have aged, but his armoured endoskeleton is as powerful as ever – as he puts it, he is “old, but not obsolete”. Now mounted on an American classic motorcycle, the Guardian is able to quickly get into position and neutralize threats.
This is a metal miniature is aprox 32mm high.


Blister. 30% discount

Manufacturer: Warlord Games

Part Number: RH-TG-111

Approximate Weight: 100g

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