Star Wars Armada

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Fantasy Flight Games' new release Star Wars Armada.
In this entirely new miniatures game you get to take on the role of a fleet Admiral for the Rebal Alliance or the Imperial Navy. It is your job to issue commands to decide the outcome of the battle as you control the larger, less manouverable capitol ships with hundreds of turbo-laser betteries as well as squadrons of TIE Fighters or X-wings. With Star Destroyers, frigates and corvettes to control it is down to you to change the fate of the galaxy.
Each game is played over 6 rounds consisting of 4 phases per round, Command Phase, Ship Phase, Squadron Phase and the Status Phase.
Core Set Box Contents,
Ten unpainted Squadrons (light beige for X-wings dark grey for Ties).
Three pre painted Capitol Ships.
Nine Custom Dice.
Dozens of Tokens.
Close to 100 Cards.
A unique movement tool.


Box set.

Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games

Part Number: FFGSWM01

Approximate Weight: 2200g

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