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M113 Platoon (Plastic x5)
Flames of War > Team Yankee > Canada
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Released 09/06/18.
Manufacturer: Battlefront Miniatures
(manu. part no.: TCBX02)

RRP: £30.00

Our Price: £27.00
(you save £3.00)

Stock: Advance Order Now

Approximate Weight: 200g

5x Plastic M113 APC’s, or M125 Mortars
1x Plastic Tank Commander Sprue
3x M125 TOW Gunners
3x Blowpipe Gunners
4x Mortar Crew
1x Decal Sheet
5x Unit Cards

Approximate Prices In Other Currencies *
EUR €34.02 USD $46.17 CAD $49.41 AUD $49.41 NZD $52.38

* Note: orders will be charged in UK Sterling, converted prices are shown for guidance only. Actual charge will depend on exchange rate and conversion charges at time of payment