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Box set.


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This box set contains two armies, along with rules for playing them and a new chapter in the lore of Warhammer 40.000.
Forgebane is great for people looking to start with Warhammer 40.000 or for those looking to expand their existing armies.
The box comes with the core Warhammer 40.000 rules and a campaign book giving more details about the clash for supremacy on the tomb world.
The box contains the following miniatures:
2x Knight Armiger Warglaives (a brand new Knight that is a great addition to any Space Marine or Adeptus Mechanicus army)
1x Adeptus Mechanicus: Tech Priest Dominus
10x Adeptus Mechanicus: Skitarii Rangers.
The first ever plastic Necron Cryptek with new wargear,
3x Necron Canoptek Wraiths
5x Necron Lychguard
5x Necron Immortals

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