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• This box set contains two armies, along with rules for playing them and a new chapter in the lore of Warhammer 40.000.
• Forgebane is great for people looking to start with Warhammer 40.000 or for those looking to expand their existing armies.
• The box comes with the core Warhammer 40.000 rules and a campaign book giving more details about the clash for supremacy on the tomb world.
• The box contains the following miniatures:
• 2x Knight Armiger Warglaives (a brand new Knight that is a great addition to any Space Marine or Adeptus Mechanicus army)
• 1x Adeptus Mechanicus: Tech Priest Dominus
• 10x Adeptus Mechanicus: Skitarii Rangers.
• The first ever plastic Necron Cryptek with new wargear,
• 3x Necron Canoptek Wraiths
• 5x Necron Lychguard
• 5x Necron Immortals

• Normally these individual products would retail in the region of £ 250.00


Box set.

Manufacturer: GW

Part Number: 60010199019

Approximate Weight: 1400g

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