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Tribal Retribution Posse Box
Wild West Exodus > Warrior Nation
Box Set
Box set. 20% Discount while stocks last.
Manufacturer: Wild West Exodus
(manu. part no.: WEX131099001)

RRP: £35.00

Our Price: £28.00
(you save £7.00)

Stock: 2 Available

Approximate Weight: 300g

Walks Looking leads her Warrior Nation posse into an uncertain future, trusting that the Great Spirit has plans for them all.

This resin and plastic set includes seven miniatures.
The Tribal Retribution Posse contains:
1 x Walks Looking
1 x White Buffalo
1 x Ravenseye
1 x Littleclaw
2 x Brave with Plainswalker Crossbow
1 x Brave with Gatling Gun

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