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Maelstrom's Edge: Battle for Zycanthus is the first boxed set for the Maelstrom's Edge tabletop miniatures game and contains everything you need to start playing. The squad-based skirmish ruleset focuses on fast-paced, tactical play, where units must collaborate to suppress their enemies, while other units flank and destroy them.
This box contains:
38 detailed multipart HIPS plastic miniatures on sprues:

Epirian Foundation Models
1 Journeyman Bot Handler
1 Apprentice Bot Handler
6 Contractor Engineers
4 Firefly Recon Drones
4 Spider Drones
2 Scarecrow Snipers
2 Hunter-class Warmechs

Karist Enclave Models
1 Kaddar Nova
6 Karist Troopers
4 Tempest Elites
2 Shadow Walkers
4 Angel Minnows
1 Mature Angel

144 page full colour Maelstrom's Edge rulebook
1 Terrain Sprue packed with 32 plastic modular terrain components 8 plastic flying bases
24 small plastic bases with arc markers
7 large plastic bases with arc markers
1 huge plastic base with arc markers
52 cinematic suppression tokens
3 double sided weapon effect templates
56 double sided tokens and markers
2 victory point trackers
Faction objective tokens
Mission cards
Objective cards
12 unit reference cards
16 six-sided dice


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Manufacturer: Maelstroms Edge

Part Number: MEBFZ2

Approximate Weight: 1300g

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