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Like its pilot IG88, this is a heavily modified fighter. Due to this fighter being used by a droid most of the space inside is dedicated to engines and weapon systems rather than life support systems or gravitational effects needed for a human pilot. With these upgrades in mind it makes this a deadly ship, just like the assassin droid IG88.
This pack is for the third faction that is to be released for the Star Wars X Wing Miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games; Scum and Villainy. This faction will be filled with the likes of Prince Xizor, Greedo, IG-88 and of course Boba Fett. The scum and villainy faction will have access to the new illicit upgrades.
1 x Pre Painted IG2000 miniature
All Tokens, Dials, Upgrade cards and pilot cards needed to field this fighter
Please Note: The core game of Star Wars X Wing Miniatures is needed to play this expansion.


Box set.

Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games

Part Number: SWX27

Approximate Weight: 250g

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