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The Roman testudo (tortoise) formation is probably the most recognisable battle formation in history. At Warlord Games we want to do this legendary sight on the battlefield justice and so have present our new, improved Testudo! boxed set.
We have improved on our testudo by including an EXCLUSIVE Centurion model leading from the front of the formation and also added a pack of metal arrows that you can stick to the shields to make it look like it's been peppered with arrows.
This kit is made of polyurethane resin and comes in 6 interlocking parts: front, back, 2 sides, roof and a single shield and head for the Legionary who just can't help but take a peek!
No Roman general should be without at least one of these superb resin kits.
•1 6-part resin Testudo
•Exclusive Centurion, leading the boys on!
•Arrows to add to the shields for a battle-worn look
•1 sheet of full-colour waterslide shield transfers (enough to complete the Testudo and have some spares


Resin box set.

Manufacturer: Warlord Games

Part Number: WGH-IR-06

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